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Ride Yourself Fit, Walk Yourself Fit, Eat Yourself Fit



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Welcome to the Ride Yourself Fit, Inc. Website!

Welcome to the Ride Yourself Fit family.

Cyclists of all levels and abilities
are welcomed and encouraged.
Take a bicycle tour of Redlands and surrounding areas.
 A variety of rides are offered.
The Ride Yourself Fit family also offers the Walk Yourself Fit
program every Saturday throughout the year.
Tour various areas of Redlands on foot with a variety
of distances for all levels of walkers.
The Eat Yourself Fit (organic garden) program
is presented during the summer months,
showing participants the advantages and health benefits
of fresh vegetables and fruits in one's diet.

for information on all rides, walks and special events.
(Members please Log-in to view the full website)

The first order of the 2017 RYF kits have arrived.
Kits and accessories are available to order.
Click on the photo of the jersey in the upper right hand corner
of this home page to get the order form.

Saturday Morning Rides!
Redlands Heights 2017

Saturday Morning Walks!
Walk Yourself Fit

RYF & WYF Saturday Morning
Rides & Walks...
Fun, Fitness & Fellowship 2017

2017 Plain Wrap Ride
The Ride that costs so little but Gives so Much...Sign-up Today!

  To sign up, go to imathlete at the following link:  
Registration - 2017 Plain Wrap Ride


One of our RYF members learned the hard way, by riding right into it, about a sink hole on the westbound side of Pioneer, west of Alabama :( The SB County is aware and will be fixing it but we don't know when. We pray that no one else is hurt due to this situation. Our prayers for our member for a complete and speedy recovery.  Be Safe Everyone.


Ride Yourself Fit...Fun, Fitness & Fellowship!

Check out the New RYF Movie....Enjoy!


The 2017 Ride Yourself Fit Apparel

RYF Apparel Sizing Alert and Correction


It has come to my attention that the current RYF Apparel Order Sizing is off!  Many of you have expressed concern that the sizing is not the same as in the past.  I have reached out to Champion Systems and they have agreed to switch out any and all apparel that did not fit properly.  They explained to me that in an effort to improve the material and overall product...the sizing and quality may have been compromised.  If you feel that the sizing on your apparel is incorrect or that the quality on the bib shorts is not good, contact me immediately  I noticed that the black on my bib is wearing through to the white all ready.  I need to hear from you immediately PLEASE or I will not be able to accommodate you.
Thank you Alesandra


Items are to be ordered using the RYF 2017 Apparel Order Form and
returning it with payment (check or cash only) to Alesandra Wilson at the
In Your Best Interest Medical Clinic, 1201 Brookside Avenue, (909) 798-6524.
RYF 2017 Apparel Order Form

Don't know what size apparel to order?
Check the Champion System Size Charts.
Champion System Size Charts


RYF Earth to Mars was a success...Join us next year!

An Out of this World....Once in a Lifetime Adventure

RYF & WYF starting times
change with the seasonal time
and weather changes.
 Check the Event Calendar for specific starting times on each ride, walk or program as they are different.


RYF Teams up with Poseidon...2017 Sponsor!

The Redlands Bicycle Classic is the longest continuous running invitational, professional stage race in American bike racing. Each year, the City of Redlands and surrounding communities open their homes, their hearts and their streets to world-class athletes. From humble beginnings on a Memorial Day weekend in 1985, the event, featuring 350 elite racers, has hosted future stars of the Olympics, Tour de France, and World Championships. The Redlands Bicycle Classic's long heritage of attracting future stars has earned its position in history: "Where Legends Are Born!"

The 2017 Redlands Bicycle Classic will be May 3rd thru May 7th. The Classic is a 100% volunteer organization that works year-round organizing a World Class Cycling Event. The Classic has grown deep roots with families, schools and the City since it started in 1985. Today the event has become a key part of Redlands history, with 2017 marking the Classic as a part of Redlands history for one quarter of its City-hood. The Classic reached this landmark through the energy and care of many people over the last 32 years and will continue to grow as long as people are willing to volunteer.  Volunteers are needed to support the race. Positions are available as Marshals, Technical Support, Assistant Judges, Host Families, Sponsorship, Registration and other positions.
Ride Yourself Fit encourages you to help in any way possible. We have been able to utilize RBC equipment for our events such as the Children's Health and Safety Expo.
Please sign up using the RBC Volunteer Form on the following link:

Wednesday Evening Training is Back!

Saturday Morning Treasures Ride...Awesome!

Walk Yourself Fit at 2017 Run Thru Redlands

Walk Yourself Fit makes a great showing at the 2017 Run Thru Redlands
Jacob Ambriz 5k; Josiah Ambriz 5k; Jelene Winters-Ambriz 5k; Kathy Winters (Jelene's mother) 5k; Lin Anderson 5k; Theo Palmer 5k; Beverly Coffin 10k; Gail Ferranti 10k; Cynthia Wilhite-Prewitt 10k; Dawn Hopson-Powell; 5k, and Donna Dawson 10k.  Not pictured: Rosa Cortes Half Marathon.  Beverly and Dawn are part of the Lopers/WYF coop program. 

President's Day-Simple Simon's Ride...

RYF Celebrates Black History...Club 39 Ride! 

RYF "Orange Blossom Trail" Clean-up Crew...Well Done!

Enjoy the RYF & WYF Video!

Ride Yourself Fit - New Rides for 2017

 Ride Yourself Fit is continuing to expand our rides
and programs in order to offer members
a complete experience. 
Most of our existing rides will be continued in 2017.
We are also introducing several new rides
starting in January.

Starting on January 14, the First Sunday of the month Family Rides will be changed to Community Rides
and will be scheduled for the first regular Bi-Weekly Ride of each month. 
These rides are family-friendly and open to the public and community.
The ride will be along an easy 5 mile route and will follow the regularly scheduled Bi-Weekly rides. 
The regular 30 mile route on each Bi-Weekly Ride will be divided into two groups. 
The Category C or Touring Pace group with an average speed of 12 to 14 mph,
and cruising speeds on flats between 16 to 22 mph will continue.
A Category B or Moderate Pace group with an average speed of 13 to 16 mph,
and cruising speeds on flats between 18 to 25 mph will be added.
Rides are being introduced for various Federal holidays, including Martin Luther King Day,
President's Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving. 
The existing Memorial Day ride will continue.
These rides will generally include two routes with a longer ride generally be
between 35 and 45 miles in length and a shorter ride of about 20 miles.


Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit have adopted a portion of the City's Orange Blossom Trail West, between Park Avenue and Nevada Street.

The Adopt-A-Trail program has been established for community and civic organizations, as well as private businesses to contribute towards the effort of maintaining beautiful and clean City owned trails in Redlands.  Redlands' Adopt-A-Trail program encourages community residents and organizations to adopt City owned trails and keep them weed and litter-free.  The adopted areas are to be cleaned every 4 weeks in an effort to maintain a healthy environment, and to produce feelings of pride in our beautiful City.  RYF/WYF has made a commitment to pick up litter and perform weed abatement on this section of the trail a minimum of once a month for a two-year period.  We will monitor conditions on this section of the trail and report problems to City staff members for follow up.


Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis to help support this effort.  The time required to complete the required routine maintenance is about one hour or less per month.  Approximately 10 members per each cleanup are needed.


What is the right ride for me?

At times, some riders join scheduled routes that may be beyond their physical abilities.  As a result, they struggle along the ride, making for a less enjoyable personal experience. 
Ride Yourself Fit has developed  a rating system for each ride.  This system considers length of ride as well as the amount of climbing, and rates the ride between simple to extreme as shown to the right.  Routes are also designated with lettered categories which define the general average speed expected by riders on the ride. 
The rating system and speed categories are all shown on the event calendar for each ride.  RYF encourages all members to review the ride and select the one that best suits everybody's personal riding skills and abilities. 


A cyclist rides his bike along Cypress Avenue in the city of Redlands. 
For more information on the City of Redlands Bike Redlands program
and the view video presentations, go to the City's website at

By Sandra Emerson @TheFactsSandra on Twitter


REDLANDS » The city wants to make sure cyclists are aware not only of where they can ride but also how to ride safely. To accomplish this, staff with the city’s Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department has launched a series of bike safety videos to educate the public on the city’s bike lanes and trails and provide safety tips. “We want our community to be safe as we promote this outdoor activity,” said Treasure Ortiz, public relations coordinator for the utilities department.


The 52-part video series will be posted to the department’s Facebook page and the city’s website, with one new video per week, Ortiz said.

So far, the videos cover the types of bike lanes in the city, bike safety for children, lights and reflectors on bikes, and crossing intersections safely. The latest video features Ride Yourself Fit and focuses on shifting, braking, staying hydrated and group riding.

Cyclists ride their bikes along Brookside Avenue in the city of Redlands in designated bike paths.   

The videos, which are being filmed by Cheryl Williams in the public information office and city staff, are meant to educate the public on how to take advantage of the city’s bike infrastructure safely. Still, the city wants cyclists to enjoy their rides, said Kjeld Lindsted, senior administrative analyst. “We’ve spent quite a bit of effort over the last few years really building out the bike infrastructure that we have,” Lindsted said. “We’ve had bike lanes and bike projects going in just about as fast as we can fund them and build them.”


The city created the Redlands Bicycle Master Plan, which outlines the striping of bike lanes, connectivity among businesses and recreational areas, education programs and other amenities to make the city more bike friendly. “A big part of the bike master plan was obviously focused on the bike infrastructure we’ve been installing and we’re very proud of,” Lindsted said. “But a corollary to that was doing this kind of public outreach. Really, the ultimate goal is to help people be able to utilize the facilities that are going in.” Redlands has three classes of bike lanes:

• Class 1 lanes are designated bike paths away from city streets.

• Class 2 lanes are striped, separating them from vehicle lanes. The green lanes on Brookside Avenue are an example of Class 2 lanes.

• Class 3 lanes have sharrows, or chevron striping, indicating that the cyclists and motorists share the right of way.


The city’s Orange Blossom Trail also provides families and less experienced riders a safe trail. The city also is working with San Bernardino County officials on installing lanes in the unincorporated area known as the Donut Hole. Lindsted said staff members have been talking to members of the biking community and organizations, including the Inland Empire Biking Alliance, Ride Yourself Fit and the Redlands BikeBBQ. “It’s been kind of fun to see how they approach the project,” Lindsted said. “All of them have been very excited about it so far and they all have ideas.”


Ortiz said the response to the videos has been positive and the public has started sharing their ideas. “There’s that interaction, which is really where we wanted to go with it,” she said. “We’re trying to meet all the demographics and different parts of the community. We’re really happy with the response.”

Ride Yourself Fit 7th Annual Beach Ride!

Walk Yourself Fit Annual Beach Walk!

Thank You to ALL the RYF Volunteers...You are AWESOME!

RYF 7th Annual Children's Health and Bicycle Safety Expo!


Check out the Sponsor tab for details!

Effective January 1, 2015, new membership fee and policy changes have taken effect. 
All new memberships and renewals shall be subject to the new fees as follows:
 Individual Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Family Membership  (RYF/WYF)
 Supporting Membership (In addition to the selected membership level of $35 or $50.)
 Golden Lifetime Membership (Individual only for life)
Membership policy changes will also take effect as follows:

     Memberships shall include all Ride Yourself Fit and Walk Yourself Fit participants in one program.  The individual membership annual fee increases from $25.00 to $35.00.  The family membership annual fee increases from $35.00 to $50.00.  Family memberships shall be for all members of an immediate family, which shall be limited to the husband/wife as primary, the spouse as secondary and children living in the household under the age of 21. Other relatives, i.e. brothers, sisters of the primary/secondary member, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, friends, etc. shall not be included under the family membership. 

     Memberships shall also be established as supporting and golden lifetime categories.  The supporting membership includes a $200 annual donation above the individual or family membership fee listed above.  Supporting memberships will be listed on the RYF website.  The Golden Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $1,000.00 for a membership that will not expire for the life of the member.  Golden Lifetime members will receive a one-time special RYF jersey.
Are you a former RYF member who is wishing to rejoin?
We would welcome you back to enjoy all the Fun, Fitness and Fellowship!
Please contact the RYF Webmaster at
We can help reinstate your membership.

 Signature Pose...14 miles


 Signature Pose...30 miles


      Signature Pose...20 miles 


Traffic Safety Coalition launches "I GIVE 3 FT" safety campaign.
California’s new bike-passing law takes effect Tuesday, Sept. 16 and is designed to reduce car-versus-bicycle crashes.  It also provides a way for law enforcement to enforce safe passing.
When the new law takes effect, violators will face a $35 base fine, ($233 when penalty assessments are added). If there is a collision, the base fine goes up
to $220 ($959 with assessments.) Where a violation results in a collision that injures a bicyclist, the law provides a way for law enforcement to cite the driver for unsafe passing.  Bicyclists are still urged to use caution at all times while riding on any roadway with or without bike lanes.

See the "3 Feet Please" Facebook page
at 3 Feet Please for more information.

That's right people, a bike kitchen in the IE. For those of you that don't know what a bike kitchen is:  The Redlands Bike BBQ (Kitchen) is a space where you can learn to work on your own bike. It is entirely FREE, organized by volunteers and meant to help encourage sharing cycling related knowledge, skills, and tools between people in the community.

We can be found at our permanent space behind Augies Coffee Shop (off Redlands Blvd.) and weekly at the Redlands Market Night (near Ed Hales Park). We are open Tues-Thurs 6-8pm and Sat 12-3pm.

Donations are always welcomed. We are looking for anything bike related.


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